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Investment opportunities in Ukrainian agriculture

Journal "The In-House Lawyer", #166, December 2008/January 2009

WITH AGRICULTURAL PRICES AND global demand rising sharply over the past two years, Ukraine has encountered new challenges as part of the international community with the potential to gain a global market share. Its natural agricultural assets - a mixture of moderate climate, vast inland waters and sea exits, rich black soil and a cheap labour force - have been modernised by the addition of managers with MBAs who start their days reading stock exchange bulletins rather than the local news.

By Lesya Kovtun, Attorney at Law,
Volkov Koziakov & Partners


What constitutes an advertisement in Ukraine?

Journal "The In-House Lawyer", #165, November 2008

IN UKRAINE, LEGAL RELATIONSHIPS THAT arise between companies in the sphere of intellectual property are regulated. The problematic questions for companies with respect to the application of the law may be settled by receiving an official explanation from the governmental authorities or by applying to the court. However, governmental authorities only understand problems superficially and treat issues unilaterally.

By Taras Rozputenko, associate,
Volkov Koziakov & Partners


Trade mark protection in Ukraine

Journal "The In-House Lawyer", #164, Oktober 2008

THE IMPORTANCE OF TRADE MARKS to different businesses is constantly growing in Ukraine. Trade marks protect the rights of the owners of a company, and keep others from using their names for similar or competing products or services. At the same time, consumers are protected: by preventing companies from using the names or marks of others, trade marks assure customers of who they are buying from.

By Oleksandr Aleksyeyenko, partner,
Volkov Koziakov & Partners

Pages: ·« «« 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 »» »·Sort by: date | source

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