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Lawyers-losers in world literature. On the famous writers who used to be lawyers

Yuridicheskya praktika
45 (620) 10/11/09

Once, having discovered a phenomenal author, Mark Aldanov, to myself, it was a real surprise to learn he was a student of Law Department in Kyiv University. My next thought was what’s wrong with looking though the biographies of famous and not widely known authors for whether they were lawyers? And if true, then what kind of lawyers were they? It turned out that plenty of outstanding, eminent, famous and just mature writers used to be lawyers-“losers”...

Sergii KOZIAKOV, attorney at law, senior partner, Volkov, Koziakov and Partners


Banking secrecy available to the public

Ukrayins'ka pravda

Actually banking borrowers do not differ from other borrowers. Bank practices may be used by any of the lenders – the state, public utilities or ex-wife. Refresh your memory about you are in debts or not. Otherwise you might turn out to be the last to discover this

Just a month ago the only obstacle to exit the country was forgotten foreign passport or ticket.
Today none can be sure that the end of their trip won’t be a meeting with frontier guards at the passport check frontier point. Even those having no bank loans.
Whereas lately no amendments were introduced to the law regulating the procedure of exit for the country, the grounds for sudden limitations are rather interesting.

Lesya Kovtun, Attorney at Law of Volkov Koziakov & Partners


WTO Dispute Settlement: Who is Going to Participate?

The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law, Vol.7 #5 May 2009

During the process of Ukraine’s accession to the World Trade Organization (the WTO), as well as following 16 May 2008, the day when Ukraine finally became a Member of the WTO, a number of publications and discussions have focused on the dispute settlement mechanism as one of the main advantages of membership in this organization. The Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes (DSU) regulates dispute settlement proceedings within the framework of the WTO, and is frequently mentioned as one of the main achievements of the Uruguay Round. The DSU grants access to the dispute settlement mechanism only to the governments of WTO Members which are parties to the Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization (the WTO Agreement) and which, therefore, acquire rights and obligations under the WTO Agreement. Private parties (such as individuals, companies, non-government organizations and international organizations) cannot directly submit a complaint to the WTO and initiate the dispute settlement process.

This article analyses how governments organize their participation in the dispute settlement process and how private parties, those which are suffering most of all from the WTO inconsistent actions of other members, can defend their rights and interests.

Viktoriia Kotsiubska,
is an Senior Associate with
Volkov Koziakov & Partners law firm

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