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White-collar crime

In Ukraine, taxation attracts special attention from the controlling government authorities. While conducting any lawful economic activity conflicts arising from differences of opinion on a certain situation may arise between economic agents and government authorities. In this respect, protection of the interests of the economic entities’ officials within a conflict situation with government as well as law enforcing authorities appears to be an urgent matter.
According to statistical data for Ukraine, approximately 50,000 cases are initiated quarterly on the grounds of an offence which provides liability for a breach in the sphere of economic and financial activity. A third of these cases involve offences in tax evasion.
Claims by law enforcing agencies to enterprises often result in an attempt to search for the administrative and criminal responsibility of enterprises’ chief executives. Mostly they try to get their own way or make the company’s operation impossible.
Based on our experience, we assure that the position of the controlling authorities in disputed situations regarding both tax evasion and responsibility of the enterprises’ managers is often motivated by an intention merely to improve the statistic indicators of their activities; such behavior is unreasonable and groundless.
Protection of the clients’ interests in disputes with the law enforcing authorities is one of the directions of our firm. We will help you to protect your interests, and to settle any complicated question which falls within the spheres of either economic or criminal law in connection with a situation where the law enforcing authorities are considering their economic activity, by an assessment of the norms regarding the criminal responsibility of the enterprises’ chief executives.

We provide legal assistance on the following main issues:

  • Analysis of economic activity prior to its inspection by the controlling authorities
  • Protection of rights and interests during research verification
  • Protection of rights and interests in tax disputes
  • Protection of rights and interests during pre-judicial and judicial investigation
  • Work on a strategy of enterprise protection in disputes with controlling and/or law enforcing authorities

Our lawyers have been involved in the following landmark projects:

  • Advising individual on the litigation in English court related to corporate fraud allegation;
  • Advising group of individuals in criminal investigation related to custom clearance of natural gas.
  • Advising group of former high-level governmental officials on the issues of criminal prosecution.
  • Advising business executives in course of criminal investigations related to tax offences.

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