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Land Law, Real Estate, Privatization

Lately the prices of real estate and land have been increasing almost every minute, which naturally makes this branch most attractive for investing money both by individuals and by legal entities. However this market nowadays contains many risks, due to deficiencies in the legislation and the quite specific ‘rules of the game’. In addition to this, one should take into account the time period and procedure to file the required documents, for instance to obtain a construction permit.

Moreover, this branch is the focus of attention by non-specialists due to a simple reason: how many people do you know who are not interested in the conditions - and where - they live? The relevance of land law to the layman frequently results in social conflicts and court proceedings involving residents of a specific district on one side, and builders/state authorities on the other. It is quite clear that in such a situation both parties need adequate and qualified legal advice.

The main focuses of our legal assistance are:

  1. Consulting on the following issues:
    • obtaining the ownership rights of incompleted constructions
    • entering into transactions concerning real estate/land plots including but not limited to agreements of:
      • mortgage
      • pledges
      • leases
      • purchases/sales
    • legal regulation of constructions
    • privatization of housing stock, non-residential premises, land plots
    • obtaining licenses for real estate/land plots
  2. Representation in courts and state authorities concerning the:
    • conversion of real estate objects from housing stock into non-residential premises
    • participation in tenders on privatization of real estate objects
Our lawyers have been involved in the following landmark projects:
  • Advising McDonald’s Ukraine on approach to ownership of restaurants` network;
  • Advising large Danish agricultural company on potential acquisition of farm in Ukraine;
  • Advising foreign embassy on acquisition of land and real estate in Kyiv;
  • Drafting investment contracts and consulting on relevant issues;
  • Advising large Russian conglomerate on the lease of Kharkiv Airport;
  • Advising large Ukrainian developer on a number of acquisitions of real estate and land;
  • Advising St. Sophia Homes on construction regulations;
  • Advising IKEA on numerous mortgage agreements.
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