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Family and Inheritance Law

One could say that these two fields of law are the most ‘private’, as they involve rights, duties and emotions. Of course when passions run high it is extremely difficult to decide the best way to protect the violated rights and interests without qualified legal assistance. On the other hand, both inheritance and family law are comprehensive, and therefore complicated to understand for those who do not practice law themselves. Therefore legal assistance becomes necessary and indispensable.

The main focuses of our legal assistance are:

  1. Consulting on the legal aspects of:
    • custody and care
    • the rights of parents and children
  2. Consulting on issues of family law:
    • drafting marriage contracts
    • testamentation
  3. Consulting on inheritance law issues:
    • inheritance taxation
    • registration of inheritance rights
  4. Disputes over inheritance
  5. Cases of divorce/severance
  6. Representation in courts and other state authorities
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