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Employment Law

Nowadays, the ‘culture of labor’ maintains on a low profile at many enterprises. Both employers and employees can be guilty of this. Mutual misunderstanding, or unwillingness to take into account the interests of the other party, results in a series of employment disputes. Such disputes do also involve third parties – relevant state authorities, upon which such disputes gain more publicity. Any dispute in which a human being plays a key part is more difficult to settle, because when asserting a purely legal point of view one should also remember the moral side of the case.

The main focuses of our legal assistance are:

  • Consulting on issues concerning the application of national labor law
  • Registration of non-resident employees and the obtaining of permits for their employment
  • Drafting and concluding labor agreements/contracts
  • Labor disputes: termination, transfer, employment, indemnity of damage caused by an employee, reimbursement for forced non-attendance, reimbursement of costs caused by an industrial accident, etc.
  • Legal aspects of pension guarantees
  • Consulting on social insurance
  • Legal aspects of migration law
  • Training programs for staff
  • Legal aspects of discrimination
  • Representation in courts and other state authorities

Our lawyers have been involved in the following landmark projects:
  • Advising IKEA on legal aspects of employment of foreigners;
  • Advising Czech Airlines, Czech national flag air carrier, on general labour issues;
  • Advising Emirates, the largest airline in the Middle East, on employment contracts issues;
  • Advising one of the largest international audit companies on labour disputes;
  • Advising Hy-Line on general labour issues;
  • Advising Lenovo on certain issues of entering in employment contracts;
  • Drafting labour contracts for Electrolux;
  • Legal support of McDonald’s in its dispute with social insurance fund.
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