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Commercial Law, Foreign Economic Activity

Lex mercatoria is one of the most ancient fields of law, which explains the great deal of peculiarities to be found within it. Commercial law has protected and applied each of its customs up till the present day and the field itself, notwithstanding its ‘flexibility’, remains somewhat conservative. As one of the most dynamic branches operating in many jurisdictions it affects complex legal issues, first of all those which relate to the construction and application of the law of foreign states. A separate aspect of the commercial law is, first of all, the foreign economic activity that has not yet been adequately regulated in Ukraine.

The main focuses of our legal assistance are:

  1. Legal consultation on the:
    • conducting of anti-dumping investigations
    • conclusion of trade contracts
    • conclusion of foreign economic agreements
    • application of foreign law in Ukraine
    • activity of international trade organizations
    • legal regulation of trade liberalization, and implementation of foreign economic activity
    • electronic trade/commerce
    • legal support of tenders/state purchases
  2. Representation in:
    • courts and other state authorities
    • foreign judicial institutions and international organizations
  3. Consulting on commercial law issues and legal regulation of foreign economic activity
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